February 2009

Little Things II: How the US is Different From the UK

contributed by Michael Harling (website) A while ago, I wrote an article highlighting the differences in the UK, so I thought it only fair to give the US equal time. I must confess that most of my writings favor the UK. Having arrived in a shiny, new country, it’s easy to spot all the things that are better than what you left behind and, as the UK was sort of like a foster child, it was prudent to behave as if I loved it best. But now that our relationship has been firmly established, I can safely point out that, in addition to being seen by many as a big, mean ogre run by war-mongering lunatics, the US has many fine qualities.  

Little Things: How the UK is Different from the US

contributed by Michael Harling (website) Considering the number of times people ask me, "What do you find different about living in England?" you'd think I might have formulated some sort of intelligent answer by now, a mini-comedy routine, perhaps, that I could launch into anytime the question arose. But in fact, I am always taken by surprise, and left fumbling for an answer that isn't screamingly obvious, such as driving on the wrong side of the road, better weather or listening to Fiona Bruce read the evening news instead of Brian Williams.  

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Tip of the Day

In the UK, passengers in the back seat must wear seatbelts as well as those in the front seat. The person liable for failure to wear seatbelts is the driver.