Expat Writers and Bloggers

Tales from a Small Planet

Stories about overseas life.

Postcards from Across the Pond

Dispatches from an accidental expat.

Blog at: http://www.pcfatp.com/

The Septic's Companion: A Dictionary of British Slang

An A-to-Z dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by a Scotsman living in America.

Aye to Zed

An American Take on Life in Britain

American Mom in England

Excerpts from the life of an American Mom (or should that be Mum?) in England. . .

Knit Like You Mean It.

American Expat in Oxford, knitting, blogging and writing books.

Separated By A Common Language

Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK England and America are two countries separated by a common language. --George Bernard Shaw

Jennifer Knits

A 30-something American ex-pat trying to knit herself warm in the Scottish Highlands.

About the English

A blog based on exerpts from the book About the English by Annie Harrison, that takes an irreverent romp across the nation’s character, poking fun at the way the English live, speak, eat and amuse themselves. To be published January 2012.

Partridges Market

Partridges offers a range of American foods in their shops and via online shopping, including Free Range turkeys for Thanksgiving. An international outdoor food market is held every Saturday on the Duke of York Square.


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