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Beds and Bedding

US and UK bed sizes differ slightly, except for Double/Full, enough so that if you bring US sheets to put on UK beds or buy UK sheets for a US mattress, the fit may be off just enough to be annoying.

Here is a US v UK bed size chart from information on Wikipedia Bed Size:

Calendar and Holidays

In the UK, and most of the world, dates are formatted as day-month-year, 23 January 2010. It can be tricky remembering to change this.


Children and Parenting

These days you can find most information via the Internet.


The structure of the education system in the UK is a bit confusing to a parent moving from the US, it is slightly similar to the US system, but in many ways very different.

Language and Accents

There are as many, if not more regional accents in the UK than there are in the US. The history of the English language is quite interesting once you start to dig.

Sports in the UK

This can only be a feeble attempt to guide one to sports in the UK, as the British are the kings of game creation and the range of sports here is astounding.


Of all the issues in moving to the UK, Transportation must be one of the most painful.

UK Culture

Nothing defines a country more than its culture and traditions.

UK Government

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, and includes the countries of Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The full official name is: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The constitution is unwritten, and the laws consist of partly statutes, partly common law and practice.

UK Media

British entertainment is very diverse, with TV the technical aspect is a bit confusing.


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Tip of the Day

While the UK Doritos brand nacho cheese sauce isn't very nice, Lidl does a nacho cheese sauce that is much better, their tortilla chips are good too.