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Advocacy is an important part of the democratic process. Advocates bring attention to alternative viewpoints of issues and have influenced government policy. UK-Yankee© is in the process of forming its own advocacy group dedicated to issues concerning United States expatriates in the United Kingdom.

The members of UK-Yankee have long been concerned with issues relating to immigration and citizenship. In March of 2007, the Home Office announced drastic fee increases for visas and the members felt compelled to take action. What began as a letter-writing campaign is growing into an advocacy group. Our group is made up of members who have volunteered to donate their time to take action with issues that affect Americans in the UK.

From time to time, the Advocacy Group will, with the input of the community, put together responses to Consultations set forth on immigration matters. When a response is submitted, the formal response will be included here.

Current consultations if any are listed at the Home Office website1.

The Advocacy Process

Key Terms


An advocate actively supports a cause or proposal. This can be through many forms, such as petitioning, letter writing, and contacting the media.


Press releases may be subject to embargo. An embargoed article is released to a select audience who agrees not to post or discuss the release publicly until the end of embargo. This process gives everyone an equal playing field so no party is caught unawares.

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