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US Taxes - Your US taxes and what you need to know

You probably don’t spend much time thinking or worrying about your US tax obligations (at least I hope you don’t), but over the last few years the US government has been cracking down on tax cheats who are hiding money abroad. You probably read a bit about how the Swiss Banks are opening up their records to show the IRS who has been hiding money abroad and how the War on Terror has emphasized the need to stop money laundering.

Greenback Tax Services

Expert US and UK tax preparation for Americans living in the UK
Greenback always offers:
• Hassle-free, online preparation
• Highly-experienced CPA’s and IRS Enrolled Agents who work 100% 
with expats
• US Federal Tax Return and UK Self-Assessment Tax Return 
• A UK Chartered Accountant who works alongside your US accountant
• Transparent, flat-fee pricing so you know up-front exactly what you 

IRS International Taxpayer Information

IRS information for taxpayers abroad.

US and UK Taxes

 US Taxes

25 Questions U.S. Expatriates MUST Ask to Choose the RIGHT Professional to Manage Expat Taxes

The Internet super-highway opens up marvelous opportunities for expatriates to harvest expat tax advice and information from some of the greatest minds at reasonable prices from anywhere in the world. But it also emphasizes a crucial question: How do you know whom to trust? Sharing your intimate, personal financial information with a stranger is problematic at best.  
Here are 25 questions to help any expat choose a tax and financial professional you can trust.

US Tax Filing Deadline 15th of June

You have to file a US Tax Return, but you don't need to pay $600 to do it! Greenback Tax Services is a specialist US Income Tax Return Preparer. The company has contracted with experienced accountants and CPA's to quickly and professionally prepare Federal and State Income Tax Returns for US Expats around the world.   


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