The Great Pumpkin Source 2012

Autumn is close and it's not too early to start to planning where to get your pumpkin for those tasty pies and cakes! We have a list of the places where tinned pumpkin has been found in the past years as noted on our discussion forum, Twitter and Facebook networks. Or you could make your own pumpkin puree.

Some UK supermarket chains and department stores carry Libby's and many have said that a brand called "Paula's" tastes the same, some of these stores only stock tinned pumpkin near the holidays.

  • Waitrose (£1.39 /425g)
  • Ocado (£2.28 / 425g)
  • Whole Foods (stores in Glasgow, soon in Cheltenham, and several in London, )
  • Selfridges
  • Fenwick (stores in London, Newcastle, Leicester, Windsor, York, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells)

Local shops in London UK:

Some health food shops carry pumpkin so check with your local.

You can also order Libby's Canned Pumpkin and/or Libby's Pumpkin Filling online from:

Other possible places:

Don't forget to figure delivery costs when calculating the best deals! You may also want to try a search of, or a search for "pumpkin puree".

Prices correct as of 6 Aug 2012

Check out our Pumpkin recipes:

Do you know other places? Please share in the comments below!


I've bought mine in Cardiff for the last six years. House of Fraser has a food corner with an American wall where I think they are £2.49. Wally's Delicatessen in the Royal Arcade has an American Food Corner as well, with lots of American products. It costs a bit more though at £2.95. American Sweets also has three different kinds of tinned pumpkin ranging from £1.99 to £4.50. I thought there was a store in Cardiff, but the webpage just lists Aldershot and Guildford. All three of these places also do online orders.,defau...*Lk8zh4&...
Swinky's Sweets on Park Street in Bristok sells Libbys around this time of year. Imported in so slightly pricier but near to the centre of town if you're desperate!
I found Libby's tinned pumpkin at Waitrose in Barry, Wales. I bought all the cans cause I had such a hard time finding it last year and I really love pumpkin bread! But they still have it, seems to be a regular product. I do'nt know about other Waitrose's but the one in Barry for sure.
I've found it at the Barry Waitrose as well, but never in the Cardiff one. It depends from store to store. Some stock it all year, some only in the Autumn, and others, not at all. Are you living in the Vale then? Not to many of us Americans around these parts.


I just moved from Barry to Cardiff. But my husband still works in Barry so we still go there. Yeah i figured that about the pumpkin, that it wasn't at every store, my husband is from Essex and the Waitrose there doesn't have it. Sorry if you went to get some and it was all gone! :) Are you in Barry?
I'm in Caerphilly now, and I work in Cardiff. I used to work in the Vale, but don't get down to the Waitrose often. I usually stock up when I go in to Queen Street at House of Fraser's food corner.

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