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24 Nov 2006 - 13:30
In order to analyze the voting experiences of those who voted, did not vote, or wanted to vote and couldn't, Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) is conducting a 2006 Post Election Survey for US citizens ov
4 Nov 2006 - 13:49
The NFL will stage up to two international regular-season games per season beginning in 2007, further demonstrating the league’s commitment to competing in a global sports marketplace and to developin
31 Oct 2006 - 13:52
London, UK – 31st October 2006 – Dovetail, the Relocation Partner, is linking up with one of the few trained Life Coaches in the industry who specialises in coaching expatriate families to get the mos
1 Jul 2006 - 06:00
You confront challenges that may be overwhelming. You face worries about a new neighborhood, new schools, new bank, new doctors, new way to work, new job, and new ways to get lost on new roads. All of this can be quite aggravating and stressful. Not to mention expensive. Here are a few helpful tips: 1. Know where you are going: UK is a big country including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In choosing your settlement destination, consider the following factors, such as strength of the local job market, cost of living, and access to affordable housing, weather patterns and the like, instead of basing your decision on arbitrary factors. Research well in advance of your move. Good preparation will save you time and money and a lot of stress in the end! Begin by learning some quick facts about UK; Weather, Voltage, Public holidays, UK money, Tipping, Measurements and the like.
6 Apr 2006 - 22:00
The UK Government is launching in April 2005 its new provision for graduates of the top 50 business schools (below) to work in the UK for up to 12 months upon completion of their MBAs.
19 Mar 2006 - 21:29
On 3 January 2006, The Sun published allegations of corruption at the Public Enquiry Office (PEO) in Croydon. The newspaper’s central claim was that officials were demanding “sex for visas”.
26 Feb 2006 - 21:33
An American woman married to a Croydon teacher for nearly four years has been told to leave the UK because her marriage is not authentic.
14 Jan 2006 - 21:37
An American woman visiting Britain on a tourist visa has been sent home after immigration officials at Heathrow read in her diary that she had wanted to find work on a previous visit, her English boyf

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