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This is a guide for using features of the website.

There are two main areas of the website, the main site Portal and the Forum. Member profile data syncronises between these so that member account login details exist and remains the same on both systems.

To create an account, please register. Be sure to read the Terms of Use as you agree to follow our guidelines & rules by using the website.

You can add your own contributions to the website in the form of page comments, reviews/ratings and creating new pages. Click the Create tab on the login/status box at the right to see what you can create.

Users who are logged in have more options for adding content and you can earn pips (points). We are working on a system to trade the pips you earn for additional features.



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Tip of the Day

Dates in the UK (and most of the world) are formatted differently than the USA. Instead of Month-Day-Year, the day is first, Day-Month-Year and said for example "the 7th of November" (07-11-2011). Pay attention on important forms and food expirations!