Beef Taco Filling

An easy way to get tastier homemade tacos. The filling makes the difference.

Make your own pumpkin pie spice.


How to make your own pumpkin puree so you don't have to depend on finding tinned/canned Libby's, or maybe you just prefer homemade.

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Crispy yet moist and tasty, bring these to the office just to see the expressions on their faces after you tell them what's in them, but don't tell until after they've tried them! These are our family's favourite cookie and so easy to make with...

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Reportedly the best-ever recipe for hot chocolate. Pre-mix for 20 cups worth.

Great as a starter, snack or even a man dish.

Icing recipe for Green Tomato Cake but could be used with other cakes.

I am told that the green tomatoes taste like apples in this recipe.


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Tip of the Day

While the UK Doritos brand nacho cheese sauce isn't very nice, Lidl does a nacho cheese sauce that is much better, their tortilla chips are good too.