PBS UK Launched on Sky and Virgin Media

On the first of November, the award-winning American public television broadcaster, PBS, began airing in Britain with its new tv channel, PBS UK. In the USA, PBS is watched by 233 million Americans a year.

PBS UK will air the best of it's science, history, music, news, arts and culture, on it's 24 hour channel. PBS UK will bring America's favourites like NOVA, American Experience and Frontline to its regular programming schedule on Sky Channel 166 and on Virgin Media channel 243.

Brad Friedel, American expat and goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspurs comments, “Good luck to PBS in the UK. I grew up watching PBS in Cleveland and I'm sure they will be a success here in the UK. Keep up the good work!”

Check out a recent Guardian interview with PBS chief, Paula Kerger.

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