UK-Yankee© Issues Advisory for Summer Travelers

UK-Yankee©, a non-partisan, web-based organization of more than 5000 members, primarily North Americans either legally settled in or in the process of immigrating to the UK has issued an advisory for Americans planning to travel to the UK over the summer holidays. UK-Yankee strives to provide solid advice to those seeking entry through normal visitors routes as well as various student, work or spousal visas. This months advisory states "ultimately, it is up to the individual Immigration Officer if you will be allowed into the UK if you are traveling without a visa. We recommend you bring bank statements for proof of funds and a letter or contract from your employer showing you are expected back at work during the appropriate time frame. Apartment leases or the like may also be used to prove your ties to the US." The changing laws and new biometric controls being put in place may take many by surprise. This advisory is meant to clear up any confusion about the new systems in various testing phases right now and how they will affect the summer traveler. More information can be found at and this advisory is located at

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