Citizenship Questions

Can I apply for UK citizenship before I enter UK?

No. You have to show that you were in the UK for exactly three years prior to the date that you apply. You cannot apply before you have been in the UK for at least 3 years. The application date is believed to be the day after you mail it, so if you send it on the first of the month, the application date is the 2nd. It can take a few months to process and it is advised not to travel during this time. After processing it can take a few weeks to have your citizenship ceremony. You must also have a...

Is a child born in Britain to American parents automatically a British Citizen?

Of course, the answer to that isn't straightforward, it depends on residence. Presuming that child was born in the UK after 1983, they are a citizen if:
  • One parent is a British citizen, or,
  • One parent has become a British citizen or settled in the UK since the birth and the child is under 18 when applying, or,
  • The child was born in the UK and lived in the UK until they are 10 or older
For more details and applications see, Register as a British...

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