B & M Stores

B & M is a great bargain store with name brand items, grocery, household items and electronics. They often carry random American imports like cereals and candy. They're great for paper towels and toilet roll with 18 rolls for less than £3.

Find At Updated Unit Cost
Craisins Craisins at B & M 8 years 5 months ago £1.70
Marshmallow Mateys Marshmallow Mateys (Malt-o-Meal) from B & M 8 years 2 months ago £1.99
Twinkies Twinkies at B & M 8 years 5 months ago 10 cakes £2.95
Twizzlers Twizzlers at B & M 8 years 5 months ago 2 lbs £2.99
Lucky Charms Find Lucky Charms at B & M Bargains 8 years 2 months ago £3.50

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