Gooey Beef Burritos




A US recipe that can be converted easily. A bit lighter and more flavorful than the usual fajita or beef burrito. If you can't find mozzarella (we've found it as Tescos), use a very mild cheddar. It's nice just served with a salad, espcially if you put avocado in it!

Preparation time: 

1 hour


1 pound ground beef ((455g))
1 can beef broth (or consomme)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon flour
1 onion (small, chopped fine)
2 garlic (cloves, minced)
2 teaspoons cumin (ground)
1 can green chilies (small chopped, Old Elpaso or 1-2 jalapenos)
1 pinch salt (to taste if needed)


To serve: Flour tortillas Monterrey jack cheese Sour cream


Heat the oil in saucepan or deep skillet, add beef and brown lightly, then add onions and garlic (and fresh chilis if you're using them). When they've begun browning a bit, stir in flour until it coats the meat and onions and there aren't any lumps. Add the broth, cumin, and canned chilis and simmer at least half hour over low heat until the juice begins to thicken some. Add salt if needed.

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