Can I apply for UK citizenship before I enter UK?

No. You have to show that you were in the UK for exactly three years prior to the date that you apply. You cannot apply before you have been in the UK for at least 3 years. The application date is believed to be the day after you mail it, so if you send it on the first of the month, the application date is the 2nd. It can take a few months to process and it is advised not to travel during this time. After processing it can take a few weeks to have your citizenship ceremony. You must also have a...

British Citizenship and Good Character/Criminality

In December 2012, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) changed the rules relating to good character when applying for naturalisation. Previously, convictions spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act need not be disclosed. However, it is now the case that all convictions or character issues must be disclosed on the application form.

British By Descent

The UK recognises British by descent for some but not all. Citizenship with 'conditions' is discrimination! Hence the Campaign for Citizenship Equality

What to do if your child has claims to both UK and US citizenship

Qualifying for US citizenship if the child is born abroad after 1986:

2005 Home Office Citizenship Survey

The survey has found that rates of volunteering and participation generally have increased since 2001, but in most cases have remained unchanged over the last two years.

Immigration Minister explains UK citizenship tests

For many of us, being able to call ourselves a British citizen is something that we take for granted.

You can stay but we're sending your 18-year-old daughter back

She is an unworldy, vulnerable teenager who cannot cook or drive and admits that she is "still a child".

Persons Granted British Citizenship, 2004 statistics

Applications for British citizenship fell by 8 per cent in 2004 to 135,085 (paragraph 1).

10 things everyone should know about the UK

A Life in the UK handbook, which will form the basis of the new 'Britishness test' for immigrants who want to become UK citizens, has been published by a government advisory board.

Meet the new Brits

Since citizenship ceremonies were launched in February, British nationality has been bestowed on 31,000 immigrants to the UK.
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