You can stay but we're sending your 18-year-old daughter back

She is an unworldy, vulnerable teenager who cannot cook or drive and admits that she is "still a child". But Candice Chesher, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, faces deportation to South Africa after being refused permission to continue living in England with her family.Candice, 18, a timid girl who was bullied at school in Pretoria, came to England almost two years ago with her parents and younger brother to start a new life after the family lost everything in South Africa.Her mother has an Irish passport and her Nottingham-born stepfather and brother, Alex, have British passports. They have the right to live in England and thought it would be a formality for Candice to gain citizenship.Karen and Martin Chesher applied for Candice to be allowed to stay in England soon after they arrived from South Africa in 2003, when their daughter was 17.The application was rejected because Candice has a South African passport - her natural father, who left her and her mother when she was 10 months old, is South African. The family won an appeal in February last year, however, after adjudicators decided that it was wrong to split up the family, who have been together for almost all of Candice's life.

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