life in the UK


The UK healthcare system is entirely different to the US, there is a National Health Service operated by the government to provide medical care to the public.

Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Water, Phone, TV, Internet

Be forewarned, the utility companies such as electric, gas, and telephone, do go out of their way to get customers, and seem always to claim to be the cheapest.

Furnishings & Appliances

Though for the most part the appliances and furnishings are the same, there are a few differences that it helps to know about, like what the little cap is for at the bottom of the dishwasher, what


Most homes in the UK are brick or stone. Most buildings are attached on one or both sides to another home.

Home and Family

Village houses

Home and family life in the UK is quite similar to the American lifestyles. The British go to work, go to the cinema, watch TV, cook, clean, love their pets, have parent teacher meetings, follow sports and so on. The differences are subtle. You might find it difficult to connect with the people in the UK region you're living as they may not be as open or friendly as where you might have lived before.

Life in the UK

Despite speaking the same language, the culture is more different than one might expect. It is a separate country with just a few American things. They have their own brands, stores, and products you may have never heard of. The entertainment industry overlaps slightly, but the bulk of the television programming and music industry is British, most celebrities and sport stars you probablly had never heard of before.

Britain/Great Britain/United Kingdom &c: Some Common Confusions

People often have difficulty in deciding which words to use to describe various geographical and political entities within the geographical area known as the British Isles (including Ireland).


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